Flexible contact management

Your contacts, always on hand, with notes, tags, tasks and uploaded files.

Plus contact history automatically recorded from calendar events and tasks.

Contacts import and export

Seamlessly import your contacts into FreshFlow from a file (Excel), phone and other sources. And also export them (all or only a selection) if necessary.

Custom views

Set up how contacts are displayed and save the view. You can have multiple views, such as simple and detailed.


Tag contacts and then sort them. Create own tags like Product or Service, Region or Phase in your process.

Upload files to contacts

Upload files like proposals, contracts, photos and more in various formats to any contact.


Share contacts with a team member or a call center. Each will have the same access to details and notes for each shared contact.


You can lend contacts to an assistant for a limited time, for example, for a call campaign. After the defined period has expired, the updated contacts return to you and the assistant’s access is revoked.

Permanent transfer

Permanently transfer contacts to a team member. Unlike the Lend or Share options, this means that your access to the contacts are completely revoked.

Duplicates and merging

Automatically or manually merge contacts when multiple sets of information appear for the same contact, resulting in duplication, for example, after an import.

Activity history

Calendar events are automatically recorded in the history for each contact (phone calls, appointments with notes), as are tasks to which you have assigned the contact.

Written comments

Write information in the comments section for each contact. These are separate to the notes you capture for an event in the calendar and that appear in the history.

Fulltext serach

Search for keywords in the comments you have captured, eg. “contract”. All the contacts with the searched text will appear in your results.

Mobile app

Contact information is automatically synced between the FreshFlow web and mobile apps, irrespective of the one you happen to be using.

Quick and flexible contact views

Sort contacts alphabetically, by next activity date, or using your own criteria.

Set the contact parameters you want to see – create and save multiple contact previews.

History for each contact without unnecessary writing

A history is recorded for each contact from events or activities in the Calendar and from Tasks

In addition, the notes you captured for each activity or task are also displayed.

Tasks, projects and files for each contact

In one place – in the contact details – see not only the history, but also the Tasks and Projects you are currently working on for that contact.

Do you also want to see contracts or other customer-related documents? Upload documents, photos or even videos to your contacts.

Enter information as comments and search in them later

In addition to notes for Calendar events, you can also enter notes for contacts.

Search for keywords in the comments, such as “contract” or “product XY” – and all the contacts that include the searched text will appear in results.

Tag contacts to quickly sort them

Create your own tags (labels). For example, use the tag “customer” to differentiate between customers who have bought products or services and other contacts.

Similarly, you can create tags for any other parameter you choose. For example, for each product or service or a phase in your sales or service process.

In this way you can easily and quickly select, for example, contacts for a campaign or contacts to share with others.

Create events and tasks directly from a contact

You have just spoken to a client and have written some notes. Would you like to schedule a new Appointment and create a new Task?

You no longer have to open your calendar or to-do app – just create the appointment or task directly from the contact detail.

Share, lend and transfer contacts

Do you want to distribute contacts among team members?

Are you hiring an outside telemarketing help for a call campaign?

Does your assistant calls for appointments for you?

Choose one of the three ways they can access your contacts.

contacts sharing and lending

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